At Community Overdrive we have four different programs to get you into a car of your dreams.

    Pay By Volunteering

    The Community Overdrive dealership provides individuals the ability to fund up to 25% of your vehicle purchase through the Community Overdrive program by attending Volunteer Days. Attending each of our weekly Volunteer Days earns you $50 in vehicle purchase credit. These vouchers can be applied toward the down payment or pick up payments on a purchased vehicle.

    Financing Available

    Ask about our Guaranteed Credit Approval! Everyone can get into a car with us at Community Overdrive.

    Buy Here – Pay Here

    Need to Finance your new Used Car? Our renowned In House Buy Here Pay Here in Gainesville FL is here to help! Serving Buy Here Pay Here Ocala FL, Buy Here Pay Here Lake City FL as well as Starke FL, Cheifland FL, and surrounding FL areas. (Works with our Pay By Volunteer program)

    Trade-Ins Welcomed!

    The barter system has been in existence a long time for one good reason it works. The concept is the same only the goods and services have changed. We welcome all requests, but reserve the right to not be interested.

    Quick Credit Application

    Please fill out the income based credit application below so we can get you on the road today!, Submit this credit application for a complimentary $50 Community Overdrive voucher good toward any vehicle purchase.

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    By pressing the check box, and the send button you certify that the information given above is true and complete. We will rely, in part, on this information to evaluate your eligibility for credit. You authorize us to submit this application and any other documents pertaining to this proposed transaction to the credit companies that are associated with Community Overdrive Auto Sales Inc.